☁️DataDrop Architecture


Our Sync & Share platform a.k.a. DataDrop, empowered by Filecoin’s decentralized storage, transforms data management into an art. Imagine effortlessly managing all kinds of data, seamlessly moving it across clouds with unparalleled freedom.

And with Filecoin’s proof of storage, we’re not just talking about storage; we’re talking about secured, verified storage that changes the game. This is data storage, reimagined and supercharged. Welcome to the future, where your data flows freely and securely, exactly as you need it to.

Component description

  • The User, ISV, Integrator: At the heart of our ecosystem, users, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Integrators leverage our platform to streamline their operations, enabling seamless data management and collaboration across various environments.

  • S3 object interface: Utilizing the familiar S3 object storage interface, our platform offers compatibility and ease of integration, ensuring users can manage their data with the tools they know and trust. See : S3 Cloud Storage

  • Sync & Share platform: Our core feature allows for effortless synchronization and sharing of data across devices and cloud environments, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

  • Decentrally: Powered by Decentrally, our platform embodies flexibility and security, providing a decentralized approach to data storage and management that breaks free from traditional limitations.

  • AWS S3, Google cloud, Azure blob: We support seamless integration with major cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure, offering unparalleled flexibility in data storage and movement.

  • Filecoin: Leveraging Filecoin’s decentralized storage network, our platform ensures data is stored securely and reliably, with proof of storage capabilities offering an added layer of verification and trust.

  • Storage Providers: Our ecosystem includes a wide range of storage providers, allowing users to choose the best storage solution for their needs, from traditional cloud storage to decentralized options.

  • Proofs: With Filecoin’s innovative proof mechanisms, such as proof of storage, our platform guarantees the integrity and availability of data, ensuring it is stored exactly as intended across a distributed network.

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